PJ’s Books

Rosy George’s Convention Conundrum

Being a career woman and getting married are pressures Rosy George can just about cope with. But disappointment, betrayal and attraction to another man throws her into confusion. Should it be prudent plastic surgeon David or sexy sailing instructor Angus … or would she be better off on her own?

Rosy George’s Convention Conundrum is a funny, feisty book for women who have been there, done that, but not read the book.

Rosy George’s Convention Conundrum will be published in February 2013 by Autharium.

To Be Honest

To Be Honest is a supernatural, coming of age, school-based romp for young adults, dealing with teenage identity, honesty, friendship and the importance of people whose lives underpin yours when you’re fifteen. Oh, and Shakespeare, eating disorders, rowing and dogs are in there too.

The book charts Lisi and her English teacher Miss Mint as they swap lives after a meterological phenomenon during a performance of Twelfth Night at the Globe. With science teacher Mr Morlis’ help, Lisi and Miss Mint learn they can only reclaim their own if they tell the absolute truth and embark on a challenging and dramatic countdown to regain their lives – before twelve nights are up.

To Be Honest is published by Autharium and available as an ebook in all formats or on Amazon for Kindle for £2.99 (or click on image for Amazon.com link).

Fifteen year old Lisi Reynolds likes to fib. Just little ones. What’s wrong with that? Everyone lies, don’t they?

With best friend Josh’s traumatic love life, a shopping-addicted mother and Chad Swanning oblivious to her existence, how else is Lisi supposed to survive, if not with a little truth-stretching?

But when a rare mammatus cloud over the Globe puts Lisi in her delectable English teacher Miss Mint’s shoes, living the ultimate lie proves irresistible.

There’s just one catch: Miss Mint wants her life back.

And she won’t get it until Lisi starts telling the truth.

But with a cool house, hunky fiancé and the chance to confront bully Alicia and win Chad’s heart, why would Lisi give it all up, to be honest?


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